Hodge Podge

 Hey friends. We have made it halfway through the week. It is our first week in forever that my kids go 5 days. I am loving getting back to a routine and getting so much done. The weather has also been beautiful the last two days, today is suppose to be hot but raining and possible severe storms.  Let's have some hodge podge fun. I linked up with Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond for Wednesday Hodge podge.  

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

 Hey loves. It is hard to believe Mother's Day is right around the corner, less than a month away on Sunday May 12th.  Mother's Day includes all the moms. From human moms to dog moms, to adoptive moms to aunts who act like moms to men who are also the mom figure etc. It is a day to celebrate those who have helped raise you to who you are today. 

For mother's day we like to host a brunch for both of families, friends, and neighbors too. Usually it is pretty chilly so we are inside. I get to relax and Brian takes care of everything. This year I think the plan is for me to pick up Ella, take the kids to church and come home to a delicious brunch and clean house. Let's be honest I will do all the cleaning before Sunday. 

Weekend Wrap-up

 Hey friends. How was your weekend? We had a great weekend with friends, family, and some relaxing. I am typing this up on Sunday evening at 630. We have already had dinner and baths for the kids. I am sitting outside on our back patio it is 77 degrees, enjoying the birds chirping, and these two butterflying that keep fluttering around. One landed on my laptop and on my head, but only sits for a second then is off again so there was no time to try and take a picture. Makes for a very relaxing evening.

 I am linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday.

What We Ate Week 14

 Hey friends. I am excited for the week ahead. A full week of normal schedules. Even if it is going to be busier Sports and end of the year school stuff have already started, with testing, and extra practice. 

Last week I sucked at taking pictures last week. I was excited for the kids to go back to school and get our house back in order I didn't grab my phone much. I am sharing what I ate without pictures and our meal plan on a budget.

Friday Favorites- Eclipse week

 Hey friends. We made it to Friday. It has been a quick week 4 day week. We had a wonderful day experience the eclipse and a pig roast on Monday. Then back to normal on Tuesday, and new schedule on Wednesday for Anna having preschool in the morning, and watching an additional friend too. I am ready for hopefully a relaxing weekend. Potentially sports are starting this weekend but we have not gotten any official schedule yet. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.