Our Week with St Patrick's Day

Hey loves. A weird week and some green. lets take a look back

Hodge Podge

 Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. We have made it halfway through the week. I had one sick kid all weekend and on Monday, then a different sick kid on Tuesday. Fingers crossed  Today I am linking up with Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond for Wednesday Hodge podge.

Maple Bourbon Granola

 Maple Bourbon Granola

March Book Review Part 1

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Hey loves. I have been doing a lot of reading and listening lately. It has really has helped with my mental health and stress. I have noticed I am more calm during the "witching hours" while making dinner and right before bed with everything that needs done and three kids. No I am not ignoring my kids but listening to a book has helped my mind. Instead of having so many reviews in one post I am splitting them up this month. 

Total physical/kindle books: 4

Total audible: 7

Total for the month: 11

Total books for 2022: 39

Goal: 100 books 20 audiobooks

Coffee Chat

 Hey loves. I am still in need of a girlfriends coffee date. This winter it seems like someone is  always sick in my little friends group. What is your drink of choice? Right now I have been drinking coffee at home and either having hot black or iced coffee with a little skinny mocha syrup and coconut milk.