Friday Favorites Last Day of September

 Hey loves. Happy Friday and Last Day of September. It has been a hectic week with a little girl who won't let me out of her sight and just wants to cuddle, that's what I get for going away for the weekend without her. This weekend we are celebrating Ella's 11th birthday, when the heck did I get an 11 year old? Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

Our Week Sept 19- Ohio State Football

 Hey loves. Last week was a lot of fun lets see what we did. ...

Whats Up Wednesday - September

 Hey loves. Another month is coming to an end. Fall is in full swing and so much exciting stuff happening in the next few months. (yes I maybe talking about Christmas but also Halloween and Thanksgivings too)

This week has been crazy. Brian and I went away last weekend leaving Anna for the first time with my parents. We had a great time, she did awesome, but since we have been home she had been attached to my hip and won't let me get much done. 

It's that time for Whats Up Wednesday with Shay, and Sheaffer. On the last Wednesday of every month we are all invited to share a little bit everything that has been going on for the past month.

On the last week of September here's whats up...

Fresh Tomato Sauce

 Fresh Tomato Sauce

10 Things To Do At the Beginning of Each Month

 Hey loves. It is hard to believe that October starts this weekend. I love a new year because it always feels like a brand new start. You have 365 days to reach your goals. But how often do we forget what are goals are a few weeks and months after the new year. A few years ago I switched that mindset and look at each month as a fresh start. The joy of making positive changes with so much possibility.

Each month I am not just setting new goals for that month but looking back at the previous month goals at what I achieved and what I didn't achieve. This makes it easier tracking my progress, and helps to set realistic achievable intentions.

These 10 things I do at the beginning of each month