Friday Favorite

Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here. I have been in a mood the last few days. I had no motivation to do anything, from dishes, to blog to talk to anyone. Audrianna is having a sleep regression and waking up numerous times through the night and stay up for hours instead of eating and going right back to sleep. Aubriella has had a little bit of attitude, Austin has just been more whiny then normal, plans aren't falling through the way I hoped... If it wasn't for taking care of my kids I probably wouldn't have gotten out of bed. I am a little bit better today. I am hoping that sharing some Friday Favorites today will help put me in a better mood. Plus this weekend we have some fun fall festivals and a family photo shoot planned. I dont want to be a grouch for those and ruin our weekend. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

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Kids Halloween Jokes

Happy Tuesday. October is flying by. Halloween is just a few weeks away. Our house is decorated, kids have their costumes, and we are already discussing all the trick or treating plans. Today I am linking up with Ashley and Erika and you blog about anything and everything. 

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We have an 8 year old who loves jokes. She likes to take my iphone and tell Siri jokes and ask her for jokes, then gets mad when she doesn't understand and argues with her. What did we do before Siri? (now I need an echo so she doesn't have to take my phone)

First 6 weeks of School Struggle

We are finally past the first six weeks of school. Studies have shown that the first 6 weeks can be the hardest on kids. From a new classroom, teachers, classmates, harder work and a whole new routine. Not only are the students getting use to their new teachers ways but the teacher is also getting use to a whole new group of students. I give so much credit to every teacher for what they deal with on a daily basis.

For us this school year has been really hard. Aubriella is still in the same school as last year, but has a new teacher she didn't know, only a few kids in her class were her previous friends, her best friend is no longer in her class, subjects are harder, she isn't enjoying school as much... Plus added a new baby at home, still commuting back and forth between our house and her fathers house, new schedules/routines, and everyday life. 

Things have gotten better. We have made changes as a whole family, not just her. 

Things that have helped us:

Friday Favorites- 3 months

Happy Friday. It has been a long week. I am struggling with getting back into a rhythm since Ella's birthday party, sleep has been rough, mornings have been cold, plans have been cancelled, Audrianna sleep schedule is all over the place, and I am just in a blah mood. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.I am double dipping and doing Friday Favorites and Audrianna is 3 months old today or 13 weeks and 1 day. Time for some Audrianna updates and baby cuteness overload.

Easy Lactation Brownie

Who doesn't love brownies? Added bonus helping increase milk supply while breastfeeding and tastes delicious. These brownies have been my go to dessert every night. I have stored individual servings in sandwich size freezer bags and store in the freezer. Each night I pull one out, pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy. Some nights I will also top with ice cream, whip cream, sprinkles, peanut butter, etc. 

Easy Lactation Brownie