What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. How is September already over? Are you still trapped a few months back? It feels like it should be July. I am not ready for October, mostly because that means I will have a 9 year old in 2 days. Where has the time gone? 

It's that time for What's Up Wednesday. On the last Wednesday of every month Shay, and Sheaffer invite everyone to join in 

Crock Pot Mongolian Chicken Thighs


Crock Pot Mongolian Chicken Thighs

Fall Fitness

 Happy Monday. I had such a productive weekend. We are starting to get to a good routines/schedule with virtual learning. Our school just announced on Friday that they are switching the a hybrid schedule earlier than planned. Everything we have just been getting the flow of is going to change soon. I am excited and nervous to see how this will all work out.

I shared our weekly dinner menu yesterday be sure to check it out. I am continuing to eat more veggies, and getting the kids more involved in the kitchen. 

One thing I know that I am going to keep up with is my fitness routine. Everyday I have a goal to get 30 minutes of movement in. It could be doing an actual workout program, yoga, stretching, or just going for a walk with the kids. I have noticed such a huge different in my attitude, my stress less, and how much energy I have everyday just by adding in movement.  

Meal Planning Sunday- Week 18

Hey friends. Happy Sunday. It is only noon and I have been so productive today. This never happens. I made my menu for the week, grocery list, went grocery shopping, cleaned all my fruits and veggies, prepped the fruits and veggies for the week, cleaned out the fridge, and washed the dishes. I don't even recognize myself. It does help that Audrianna woke up at 545 and decided she wasn't going back to sleep. While we cuddled and watched Mickey Mouse I made a menu and grocery list on my phone. 

Friday Favorites

Hey friends. Happy Friday. I am so excited for the weekend and nothing planned. Week 3 of homeschooling is coming to an end. Some aspects are going smoother other aspects are becoming more of a struggle. We will get through it like we always do. I am finally breaking down and doing the free 7 day trial of Frndly TV. I really miss the get lost in a feel good Hallmark movie. I keep seeing Facebook and Instagram ads for it so I am going to give it a try and let you know what I think.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.