Birthday weekend

Nothing ever seems to go as planned in my life. This past weekend Aubriella was suppose to have two birthday parties. One for all the family and one for all my/her friends and co-workers. Unfornately that didn't happen. On Friday my mom was admitted into the hospital for trouble breathing. They are saying it is her asthma. She is still in there now. Doing better but not good enough to come home. This is the second time in two weeks that she has been admitted. Last time they did check her heart since she was having some chest pain and her heart is good. It just her lungs.

With my mom being in the hospital we decided to postpone the family birthday party. It was suppose to be outside at my uncles campground and without my mom there I thought it would be best to reschedule.

On Sunday I had her birthday at Dunkin Donuts in the Wi-Fi room. Since I work there I was able to rent it and close down part of the store for a private event. Dunkin Donuts normally just rents out the conference room and not the Wi-Fi room, but has done it on a couple of occassions. I did pick a day when we knew the store wasn't going to be to busy and wouldn't effect to many customers.

Aubriella had a blast playing with other kids and seeing all her "aunts and uncles" She got a bunch of Minnie Mouse toys and clothes.

The cake smashing area

I had her smash cake and cupcakes made by Double E Sweets and Treats
 Photo Collage

Food and Drink Table

Reading a birthday card 
Playing with Minnie Mouse

The Birthday Girl in her outfit



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