Trick or Treating

Last night was our local Trick or Treating. It was suppose to be last week on Halloween, but ended up getting postponed due to us getting hit by Hurricane Sandy. It worked out in my favor since I had to work last Wednesday but had off last night.
I took Aubriella out dressed as Minnie Mouse. It was a rather cold so we weren't out very long. Our Trick or Treating was suppose to be for an hour and a half, we were probably out for 45 minutes of it. 15 minutes of that was me speed walking home. Aubriella got cold and started crying. I got home as quickly as I could to get her warmed up. She was wearing layers of clothes and a had a blanket but wouldn't keep the blanket on. I should have also put gloves on her but didn't think of it. (I know I'm a horrible mom.)
I also dressed as Minnie Mouse to go Trick or Treating. I was suppose to have gone to a Halloween party this year but that didn't happen. I found a red and white polka dotted dress at Marshalls a few months back, borrowed some mouse ears and wore one of Aubriella's Minnie Mouse clips.
Once we got home and we were just sitting around the house chit chatting. Aubriella took the ears off my head and we put them on her. The ears are moldable so we made them pointed for her to look like a kitty. They didn't last on her head very long. 


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