The Rash

Aubriella has come down with a horrible rash. It showed up Thursday morning on her neck than ended up spreading over most of her body. My first thought was it is the rash that is suppose to go along with the chicken pox vaccine she had gotten 10 days before. I took her to the doctor Thursday and they said it was just a rash it has to take its course. Also that there is no way to determine what caused it.

There had only been a few things different that I could think of. I had switched diaper brands since we were given some for free. Her father had also given her vitamin water and took her to the play area at the mall. Thursday night Ella would walk around for a few minutes then start to cry that her feet hurt due to the rash on the bottom of her feet. By Friday morning she now had the rash on her cheeks as well. The only place she doesn't have the rash is her forehead, nose, eyes, and under her hair. I called the doctor and waited for her to call me back.
During the waiting time Ella got a fever of at least 100. I called back spoke with a different nurse she just told me to give her ibuprofen, and benadryl that it was still probably just a rash it.

After a few hours some of her bumps had turned to welts so I took her to the local Emergency Room that has a pediatrics unit. As soon as they looked at her they knew what she had. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. It sounds so horrible and it looks so horrible on Aubriella. The dr said she has one of the worst cases she has ever seen. Unfortunately it is a virus that just has to run it's course. We can just keep giving her medicine to help with the pain and keep her fever down. I hope it goes by quickly for her. She isn't her normal self.
With it being extremely contagious my niece who also lives with us, who is 10 months old, is going to get it. Today she has a few spots on her face and her butt. Hopefully she just doesn't get it as bad as Ella.
Has anyone else had any experience with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease?

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