Weekly Photo Recap- Week 2 and 3

Not having a laptop, only really get on the internet at work, blogger on my phone isn't as easy as I would like (or I just don't know how to use it), all make posting daily/weekly very hard. So here is the last two weeks of photos.
January 7th
Mommy brought me home a balloon from work and I can see myself in it. Equals hours of enjoyment.

January 8th
Can you see all my bruises on my head. I keep falling down.

January 9th
I stole mommy's iphone and I'm playing candy crush.
January 10th
Naked Baby getting ready to go to the doctor.
January 11th
 Look mom I got up in the chair all by myself. Now I wanna play on the computer, please.

January 12th
Mom I'm gonna read Jenny McCarthy's book too.
January 13th
 I like these legos, but if you think you're only gonna give me a few you're nuts. I will empty out the rest of the bag myself.
January 14th
I got my own piggy bank and she looks just like me.
January 15th 
At the doctors for my 15 month check up.

January 16th
 Look I can eat my toes.
January 17th
I'm chilling on the couch watching tv.

January 18th
January 19th
Mom I want my own big girl bed.
January 20th
 I like these little boxes, why do you keep taking them away from me?


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