Fair rides

This week was the Lorain County Fair. I have probably went every year for atleast the last 15 years. I started the tradition of taking Ella since she has been born. This year was the first time I actually let her ride rides. I am not a fan of traveling amusement park rides. Some of them I don't feel like they are safe. 

The first thing she wanted to ride on where the cars. At times she is her fathers daughter, especially when it comes to cars. She was just tall enough to ride it. Claudia wasn't tall enough though.

The girls talked us into riding the Merry Go Round twice. Ok ok it didn't take much convincing. Who doesn't love the Merry Go Round.

Can you see the excitement in her eyes. And someone else doesn't like looking at me when I take pictures.

The girls also got on us these spinning bear things that is like a tilt a whorl kind of ride. They have a blast spinning it. Brian on the other hand wasn't a fan of the spinning and the heat. (he better suck it up when we go to Disney)

Ella got to ride her favorite the Zebra the second time we went on the Merry Go Round. She was so happy, but you couldn't tell from this picture.

The girls did awesome. We didn't take strollers in, so they walked everywhere. The weather was hot and sticky in the upper 80s too. (we did carry them occasionally) Before we even left the parking lot they were both asleep. Ella insisted in sitting in the pink carseat instead of her normal green one. They are both hers, but she normally only sits in the pink on when she is in grandma's car.

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