Animal kingdom

On the Saturday of our trip we planned on going to the Animal Kingdom with hopes it would be less crowded then the other parks. To our surprise it took a while to get on a bus from the hotel to go to the park but the park wasn't to awfully busy. 
When you walk into the park there is little pathways to the side that take you over to animals, plants, and waterfalls. It was a nice little treat if you walked off the main bath and away from the rush of crowds to see something special. Here is us with a waterfall behind us. (I love the romance of waterfalls)

When your walking down the main strip you also have an excellent view of the Tree of Life. It is immaculate with detail. Unfortunately it was closed when we were there, which was a huge disappointment that you couldn't get up close. (which we had not heard about before our arrival) 

The first thing we did at the park was check out Dinoland. I dragged Brian on the Triceratop Spin and he dragged me on Primeval Whorl. We had a fast pass for the Dinosaur ride but it was having issues when we went to ride it the first time. We did got back later in the day and got to ride on it. (wasn't to impressed.) 

I loved the Finding Nemo Musical. I was very impressed with all the shows at Disney World in general. The Festival of the Lion King was amazing. When everyone tell you that it is a must see it really is. It was nothing what I expected. Because of this show Brian said he will eventually go see Cirque De Sol. (I won't let him forget it either)
Since we had an early reservation for dinner at 4:15 we agreed to not have a big lunch so we just had ice cream. It really hit the spot since it was so hot out. We also chose not to ride the Kali River Rapids since we didn't want to walk around all day soaked. (we also have something like it at Cedar Point at home) 
We had a fast pass for Expedition Everest. It was a fun ride. I worked myself up thinking it was going to be worse than what it was, but I am comparing everything to the real roller coasters of Cedar Point. 

We did the Kilimanjaro Safari later in the day and it worked to our advantage. We saw all the animals except the Lions. It was neat driving around with the elephants, zebras, giraffes, etc. The vehicle in front of us actually had to stop for an animal to cross the road. 
Ella would have loved to ride the Wildlife Express Train, she loves anything with trains. Brian loved petting the animals in the petting zoo. I not so much.

To end out day at the park we had reservations at Yak and Yeti. We got seated right away. The restaurant wasn't very busy at all. Our server was great. He was very attentive and knew what he was talking about. I had the best ever Crispy Mahi Mahi. 

Brian had Bourbon Chicken which also was really good. 

For dessert we both had fried Wontons which were also so very good. I would recommend this place to anyone going to the Animal Kingdom. 

Since we had a long day at Animal Kingdom we ended up spending the rest of the evening back at the hotel in the pool, game room, and relaxing.
We had an awesome day at the Animal Kingdom. I have heard people say it is just an expensive zoo, I disagree since I feel like there isn't to many animals. If I didn't have the discount of buying multiple days of tickets probably not. I could not see paying $94 to go to there alone. But I do plan on going back and taking Ella.

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