Labor Day Weekend Fun

This year has really suck with getting to see Aubriella for the holidays. Since I am still in the process of a divorce we are just working things out with ourselves of who has Aubriella when. I didn't have Ella for Memorial Day or July 4th and originally wasn't suppose to have her for Labor Day either. I did some rearranging and got to have her for Labor Day. It also sucks that my current job we are open on the holidays and I have ended up having to work. I was able to have off this year by pure luck.
Every summer holiday Brian's family has a cook out at their house. Since I had Ella this was the first time most of his family got the chance to meet her. She had fallen asleep on the way over so we put her to sleep in the bedroom and opened the window so we could hear if she woke up. We also kept checking on her every 5 minutes or so, atleast it seemed that often. At times she flips out when she wakes up in a new place with no one around, which is understandable especially when you don't know where you are at.
When Ella woke up from her nap she was shy like normal. She didn't want to talk to anyone just wanted to cuddle with her mom. She finally said we wanted to play with the airplanes and cars. Every time we go over Brian's parents house she wants to play with Brian's old toys. She has a great memory for what she has played with and knows where they are at. I ended up getting her the toys and bringing them outside for her to play with on my frog blanket.

After waking up a little bit she decided to eat some and then wanted a cupcake for dessert. Like all kids she made a little mess with the red frosting but was so cute about it. I don't know how she got in on the bottom of her arm but she wanted me to eat it off. (I made her use a napkin)

My favorite thing about going over there for the holidays are the fires they have at night. I grew up camping and love the smell of the fire and the memories that it brings. But I also love spending time together with the family, hearing stories, and relaxing at night. 

What did you do for Labor Day weekend?

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