Magic kingdom

When I think of Disney World I think of Magic Kingdom and everything Mickey Mouse and Princesses. Even though it was the first week of September when we went, everything was decorated for Halloween and Mickey's Not Scary Halloween Party was already happening during the weekends. Fall and Halloween are becoming on of my favorite times of the years and seeing all the little decorative touches throughout that parks puts a smile on my face.

When you arrive you walk down Main Street and see a whole bunch of shops, restaurants, decorations, random characters (such as Marie), street performers, etc. It leads you straight to the castle. The one morning we stopped at the crazy busy Starbucks cause I need coffee and a delicious pumpkin and cream cheese muffin.

The first day we were are Magic Kingdom, Sunday was perfect picture day. The second day we were there (which was the day we left, Wednesday) there was a crane blocking part of the castle and you couldn't walk all the way around the castle. I'm glad we got the pictures I wanted the first day. Cause who doesn't want a picture of themselves in front of the castle and to walk around and feel like a princess. Inside Cinderella's castle is the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. It was so cute seeing all the little girls around the park dressed up as their favorite princess and have their hair done by their fairy godmother. 

Like I said we were at Magic Kingdom for two days, well really a day and a half. Even though it was the slowest week of the year we still were not able to see everything we wanted to do in one day. This is partly because of the lines and because it also stormed the first day. Disney shuts down their rides when there is thunder and/or lightening within so many miles for safety reasons. 
Walking around the park you will randomly see not so main characters. We saw characters from Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. (well atleast that I recognized there may have been more) The two ugly step sisters were riding the Prince Charming Royal Carrousel and being their normal mean selves and interacting with everyone.

I was surprised by how dark even the kids rides gets. We rode "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" and between story book pages in got a little dark that you did hear some kids scream, I somewhat expected it to not so scary for kids, since a lot of kids are afraid of the dark. (Ella is afraid of the dark.)
We didn't watch any parades or fireworks. Next time we go it is a must see. Between the rain and our reservations time for dinner it didn't work to our favor. Now I know better how to plan.
The only place we ate while at the Magic Kingdom was the "Be Our Guest" restaurant for lunch. We received a special invitation to have a fast pass like lunch. We had to select our meal before we even left for vacation. The experience was magical to say the least. You go in give them your name, get your drinks, and find a seat. Magically the servers know what where you sat (self seating), what you ordered and bring you your meal and dessert. I also loved that were we sat it was "snowing" outside the window to give you that more romantic feel. 

I loved the Seven Dwarfs Mine ride and the Jungle Cruise. I want to do the jungle cruise again and see if the jokes are the same from each cast member. The haunted mansion was a little scarier than I expected also. I wasn't impressed with "It's a small world" they need to label all the different countries instead of making you guess. I was also very disappointed and confused on Stitch's Great Escape. 
When I go back with Aubriella I know we will have to do some of the character meet and greets and ride all the kid rides again. I can't wait to take her back and see her reaction to such a wonderful place. 

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