A day with Ella

Today has just been a lazy day around the house. Both Aubriella and I are under the weather. These stupid allergies and sinuses are kicking our butts. We have the whole day relaxing, watching tv, and playing.
For Aubriella's birthday she got new Minnie Mouse sleeper pj's. She is just in love with them and doesn't want to take them off. But I am not complaining cause atleast she has clothes on and doesn't think we live in a nudist colony today.
I did bribe her to go pee on the potty today and I would give her the Tinkerbell juice she has wanted. Here she is happy to have her juice.

For lunch today we had leftover whole wheat pasta with meat sauce. Ella liked it so much she had seconds. This was the first time we had thin whole wheat pasta. It will now be a staple in our pantry. While feeding Ella she insisted on big spoon fulls and would say put more on before she would take a bite, 

Aubriella got a Minnie Mouse hat and glasses for her birthday that we bought while at Disney last month. Last night she decided she wanted to try them on. She looks so adorable with her attitude while wearing them

How I wish I could stay home with her everyday.

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