Halloween walk

This past Saturday was gorgeous weather. You never know what its going to be like here in Ohio. One day it is in the 20's the next day it could be in the 70s. It makes it very hard to plan anything to far in advance if you plan on being outside. Or you have to be prepared for whatever mother nature throws your way. Since Saturday was so nice we decided to take the girls to on a "Haunted" walk at Carlise Reservation,
From 5 to 7 it is not scary for kids, then after 7 the haunters come out the adults. We got there early so we could do the walk with the girls without any problems. They did awesome, walked the whole time and didn't get to scared. Ella does have the habit of screaming at witches though.

Along the path there are different areas decorated. In one spot there was a large flying animated bat, along the path there are random pumpkis, there is a lake of jack 0 laterns that are suppose to look awesome at night (we were there in the daylight), spiders, skeltons, and so much more. 

At the entrance of the park was a giant straw pumpkin. I asked the girls to stand by it so I could take a picture of them. They were more interested in playing with the straw than actually looking at me. 

Besides the haunted walk the park also has a little green train and hayride you can take along a path. Along the path is a lot of blow ups. Ella screamed at the witches blow ups. We stood in line for an hour to ride the train. The line for the hay ride was only 15 minutes but the girls insisted on the train. They actually did really good for the first 45 minutes then got really bored. 

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