First Snow

Yesterday it started snowing for the first time this year. Aubriella and I are so excited. She has been talking about going outside and making a snow angel since September. I'm surprised she remember about making them last year. I have also been preparing by buying snow pants, boots, gloves, and a winter coat for the past couple of weeks, making sure everything is washed so we are ready to go. (turned out to be a good thing)

Ella woke up this morning and said "Mom it's not raining it is snowing. We go outside and play." Just the wake-up call I wanted. I go to the bathroom and Ella goes to the living room. The next thing I know she looking out the front door at the snow.

She got her clothes out of her drawers all by herself. We got dressed, ate breakfast and got ready to go outside. It always takes so much longer to actually get her ready then it takes to get her undressed and the amount of time we play outside. This is the first year she doesn't walk like a penguin in her snow suit.

What would you guess was the first thing she did when we got outside? She laid down and made her snow angel. Now only if she could get up without stepping on the angel. 

I tried to make a snowman. There isn't a whole bunch of snow and it didn't want to pack really well. As soon as I said "look at my snowman Ella" she ran over and squished it. Poor Frosty.

Doesn't she look like she's having so much fun,

Have you had your first snow yet this year? Have you gone out to play in it?

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