Part of the Halloween fun is pumpkins. Last year I let Ella and Claudia paint their pumpkins. It didn't turn out as well as expected since you really couldn't see the paint. That was probably due to the type of pain I had bought though. This year while out shopping I found really cute stickers that were meant to be put on pumpkins to make a face. One pack came with four stickers faces. My thought was they could put four faces on one pumpkin.

It didn't turn out how I wanted/expected it to. You could have potentially put all four faces on a pumpkin if you have a big enough pumpkin. We were just using smaller baking pumpkins. The stickers were also to thick of a sticker they didn't want to bend around the pumpkin. (I expected thin paper quality from the dollar store) The stickers did however work very well all over the house, the floor, their faces... 

I also decided I was going to carve a pumpkin this year. I love pumpkins seeds so that is an added bonus. I had originally planned to carve one of the Disney princesses or Minnie, but I ran out of time and my patients was short. All I got around to doing is baking the seeds and putting eyes on it. Ella did have fun cleaning out the pumpkin guts and playing with the seeds though. Next year I will have to plan a little better. 

Does your family carve pumpkins?

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