35 Weeks

Time for some pregnancy highlights for this week.
How Far Along Are You: 35 weeks
Size of Baby according to the bump: Coconut
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 14 pounds
Maternity Clothes: I dont get dressed much out of tank tops and shorts. I did fit in the dress above that is not maternity and I have wore when not pregnant.
Gender: Its a boy
Movement: All the time. Its fun to see his little butt poke out of the top of my belly, even though it doesn't feel very good. 
Sleep: getting better
Cravings: wings and pickles
Symptoms: contractions, pressure, movement, mucus plug keeps getting lost
Best Moment (s) this week: went to the dr on Friday and I wasn't dilated any further so still at 3 cm.

Time is starting to really fly by now. Still atleast holding off another week before he comes out. I hope he agrees on this too. I have been trying to relax as much as possible. I didn't have Aubriella over the weekend, she was with her father. For the next 3 days she is camping with my parents so I get to be home by myself and relax. Well as much as I can. I will get up and do something for a little while then rest for atleast an hour before I go do something else.
Austin's room is coming along. I have started organizing and doing his clothes. I am having a small baby shower this weekend, atleast I think it is small, This is the first time I have no control or say in anything. I helped plan my bachelorette party, bridal shower, and first baby shower. I can't wait for it. Then I can figure out what I really still need and go from there. 
I go back to the dr this Wednesday and then again next Monday the 29th when I am 36 weeks. Which just so happens to be my birthday. If you ask Aubriella she says I'm having a baby for my birthday. At the appointment I will find out if I can/should go back to work for the remainder of my pregnancy or just enjoy being on modified bed rest. Lets wait and see. 

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