Baby Shower

I know Austin is my second child, but he is Brian's first. Brian's family threw me/us a wonderful baby shower so I could relax, stop stressing, and so they could all spoil the first grandchild for Brian's mom. He is the first grandchild in 19 years. (long family tree)
This was the first party that I didn't have a say in anything. My previous bridal, bachelorette, baby, birthday parties, etc I have also had a say with what was going on, if not just planning most of it myself. It took a lot of me to just sit there and relax but I think I did a good job. The party turned out great and I was very relieved, excited, thankful, grateful, ....
Austin's room is going to be pirates themed. (I can't wait until it is finished to post pictures) So Brian's sister in law and her sister, planned the party to be Nautical themed. They had a lot of fun on Pinterest getting ideas. I wish I would have remember to take pictures of everything, these are just ones I stole from them.

To eat we had finger foods: cheese and crackers, deviled eggs, gold fish, Swedish fish, dill bread, mixed fruit ... 
Games played: my water broke with ice cubes and little babies, how many Swedish fish in a bowl, and guess how big my belly is ...
All the guests were also suppose to sign a onesie that we are going to hang in Austin's room also.

Unforunately it was raining and we were all stuck in the house. But it worked out very well. We were blessed with a lot of presents, all of which were stuff that will be used. I had some extra hands with opening presents since Aubriella and Claudia were at the party. (they were the only kids allowed to be there) 
For dessert they got a chocolate cake, which chocolate is my favorite and one of my cravings. We also had root beer floats, which is another one of my cravings and special since I don't normally drink pop and only a treat since I am pregnant.

Since I had previously had a baby shower I didn't feel it was right to invite all the same people/friends/family to a second shower. I did invite a few people in my family and my two closest friends. So the rest was Brian's family and his employees, which use to be my co-workers. 

We are both very grateful for everything that everyone has done for us. Thank you just never seems like enough words for how blessed we feel.

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