Pumpkin Carving and Painting

Growing up every year we had the tradition of carving pumpkins. I loved when we made cute jack-o-laterns, Free handing our carving and made whatever. As we got older we got the stencils and it got more difficult and time consuming, but still fun. We have passed this wonderful tradition on to our children, making lots of memories while we go.
Ella decided to help clean out the pumpkins guts, She actually got made when we tried to help.

She requested Minnie Mouse for the one pumpkin. Brian got the wonderful task of carving that one. She also wanted to make a smiley face. Ella drew the face and I cut it out. She then got to cut the ears, hair, and whatever else she wanted on the pumpkin. She was very creative. She was so happy and excited she got to use a knife. (with proper supervision)

On the other hand. Austin is not a fan of pumpkin guts. We put him on the table so he can squish it between his fingers. He wanted nothing to do with it,

Our finished carved pumpkins.

A few years ago when Ella was to young to carve pumpkins, I started the tradition with her of painting a pumpkin. This year we decided to continue the tradition with Austin. He had other plans. He didn't like having paint on his fingers. He did good at the beginning then noticed the mess on his hands. That was the end of that. He started crying and looking at his hands. Instead it turned into bath time. 

The finished product of the painted pumpkins

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