November To Do List

It's already November 2nd' almost the end of the year. Where has the year gone? There is so many things I want and need to get done this month. I use to be famous for having to do lists all over, but for some reason I stopped making them. When I did make them I got more done, plus I remember what I wanted to get done and felt more accomplished. I am going to start back up with my to do lists.

Here's what I want to get done this month:
- Take down and organize Halloween decorations
- Put up Thanksgiving decorations
- Make fall wreath
- Start putting up Xmas decorations (after Thanksgiving)
- Put toys on layaway
- Make Xmas lists
- Set office up (again)
- Make family binder
- Organize kitchen
- Do 4 crafts with Ella
- Make 5 new recipes, and post them
- Read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (actual book)
- Read a non-personal development book on my kindle

Are you a to do list person? How do you stay organized?

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