OMG can you believe it. It is already Decemeber 1st. Where has the year gone, where the heck did November go, I swear it just started yesterday. 
I always get so excited the beginning of each new month. A new month means new beginnings, new mindset, new focus, new start, new intentions, new results.... Its a time to sit down and refocus...

December is one of my favorite months of the year for so many reasons. The holiday cheer, the lights, the memories of the past, and making memories with my kids everyday, Brian's birthday is the 8th, seeing family, hopefully snow... I am all about making memories, continuing traditions, and starting new traditions. Now lets make this a December to Remember. 

Last month I started back up making a monthly to do list to hopefully help me accomplish more of what I would like to get done. Lets see how I did in November:
- Take down and organize Halloween decorations I never organized them. I even bought the box, they are sitting in the garage and some upstairs
- Put up Thanksgiving decorations
- Make fall wreath
- Start putting up Xmas decorations (after Thanksgiving) I started today does that count?
- Put toys on layaway
- Make Xmas lists
- Set office up (again) It is set up enough that I can work down there, but not to my liking yet
- Make family binder I can't find my old one, I know its an excuse
- Organize kitchen
- Do 4 crafts with Ella we did 2
- Make 5 new recipes, and post them
- Read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (actual book)
- Read a non-personal development book on my kindle Read Promise You Won't Tell by John Locke

I did about half of what I wanted to do. I am going to do better this month. I am also going to post my to do list so I can remember what I want to get done. 

Now onto this months list:
- Organize Halloween Decorations
- Make Winter wreath
- Decorate house for Christmas
- Put up and decorate Xmas Tree
- Clean/ Organize Kitchen and Pantry
- Clean bathroom
- Organize dresser top in my room
- Do 4 crafts/ make something with Ella
- Start family binder
- Listen to the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone
- Finish rereading 50 Shakes of Gray 
- Workout every day
- Drink my Shake everyday
- Read the Happiness Project and start my game plan for the new year

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