Elf First Week Recap

I have been doing really well with the Elf on the Shelf this year. I have been remembering to move him, even if it is getting up at the last minute and moving him before Ella is getting up, but he is getting moved in fun places. 
For Day 1 we did a North Pole Breakfast, if you messed that post check it out HERE. Now onto the fun of the week and all the wonderful things out of the mouth of a 5 year old. 

"Mommy please don't turn the fan on"

"Mommy GusGus drew on my face and gave me horns"

Do you want to build a snowman?

"Mommy GusGus can't watch your kindle. He will kill that battery, then I can't watch youtube"

"Mommy GusGus made a snow angel with sprinkles, I want to make a snow angel. Can I eat the sprinkles?" (We have no snow it was 56 degrees out that day)

So obviously I can't count and missed day 7, shhhhhh no one knows. 

"Don't worry GusGus I will get you down, but first I can't to eat my chocolate."

Giddy up Puppy Lets go see Santa!!


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