Elf on the Shelf Recap 4th Week

So I maybe a few weeks behind on doing my final recap of our wonderful Elf on the Shelf, GusGus. I give myself credit though. There was night a morning that Aubriella woke up and he wasn't in a different spot. He may have magically moved at the last second before she came out of her room but he moved. 
I have to admit that Ella isn't really good about not touching GusGus. She will move him if she doesn't like where he is, such as if he is touching one of her toys. But then she will put him in the fridge so he gets his powers back. She doesn't think he can see or hear her while he is in the fridge though. We will have to work on that next year.

Does anyone want to watch " The Grinch?"

GusGus is just hanging out in Ella's stocking

I Obviously don't know how to count again. I will have to be better about that next year.

GusGus wants to be a Who from Whoville.

I want to go hang out with Mickey and Minnie.

Shh GusGus is sleeping 

I'm watching you from up above. 

Gusgus left his goodbye note. 

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