Fun Day with Ella

On the way to school on Monday Ella told me she wanted to do something "fun" tomorrow. I asked her what she wanted to do. She came up with a list (luckily I always have paper and pens in the car). When we go to her preschool, we always have at least 5-10 minutes before the doors open. We usually just talk and play on Snapchat. Instead we wrote her fun to do list. 

Here she is with her list. (Before someone says it. We are parked at her school. I get out, undo her car-seat seat-belt and she crawls in the front seat) Here is her list
- Guess Who
- Paint Nails
- Make homemade Spaghetti sauce
- workout
- Go Fish
- Craft
- Surprise

As soon as Brian left for work on Tuesday she was ready to go with her fun to do list. First we painted out nails. She did her own, and I did my own. Ella choose the colors, silver and sparkly purple.

Next we played 4 rounds of the new Guess Who. If you haven't played the new kids one, your missing out. I have to admit it is easier but also lots of fun. There are 4 game boards- food, people, pets, and ocean animals. Ella wins quote often, without me letting her win.

Austin also likes to play and steal my game. I have learned to play without the actually door closing thingy and just with the card. 

After Austin went to sleep we played Go Fish. She cheats, so she wins. I forgot how hard it is to get the finishing pole in the fishes mouth.

While I started to make dinner. Ella comes out of her room with Minnie Mouse ears. She keeps talking about wanting to go back to Disney World and taking her brother with us this time. (One day when he is a little older) We had to do a little photo shoot with our ears on. 

One of the last things we did was make dinner, after we went to the store. We bought the ingredients that I thought I had but didn't to make homemade spaghetti sauce and home made turkey meatballs. The original plan was to also have spaghetti squash, but after looking at 3 stores and I couldnt find any so we just had pasta. Turned out delicious and Ella had fun making the sauce. 
Ella didn't end up working out with me, she told me she was to tired to work out and just wanted to rest. She did a craft of painting a school bus. After letting it dry she hid it and told me it is a surprise for me for later. Her surprise was going to the store and I let her get strawberries, and a My Little Pony little thingy. 
We ended our Fun Day by having popcorn and watching Frozen. Ella said thank you mom for the fun day we have to do it again. It touched my heart so much that the little things she appreciates. 

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