January To Do List

The month is already a 1/3 of the way over. I am just getting around to writing out my January to do list and seeing what I didn't complete off my December to do list. Last month I did hang my to do list in the kitchen to remind me of what I had to get done. It helped some, but I ended up taking it down before we have company over for Christmas Eve, then I lost it, forgot about it, and just found it today, well really searched high and low for it.
I did a lot better than I thought. Even though I didn't get everything done. The halloween stuff still hasn't been organized, honestly that probably won't happen until later in the year now. It is in the garage and it is freezing out there. Maybe if we have a nice few couple of warm days and I get a fancy up my butt to do it. 
I also didn't get around to making a winter wreath. I had so many cute ideas for Christmas wreaths but not so much for a winter one. I will probably do something cute for Valentines Day. 
My house got decorated for Christmas, WIN. I didn't put up everything with a professional undecorator. After Christmas, before New Years, half my tree was undecorated, and the garland around every door in the house was pretty trashed. Some decorations went up or got fixed on Christmas Eve and came down the day after Christmas. Plus I forgot to take pictures of everything. I am totally losing my mind.
Ella and I did a bunch of little crafts- made a snowman out of felt, a Christmas tree out of felt, snowflakes out of paper, and something else but I can't remember. (I know horrible mom of the year award). We also made about 5 different cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. 
I have to admit I did finish the 10x rule and 50 Shakes of Grey, this week. 
I had bad days of working out, I did however drink my shake everyday. I still haven't even touched the Happiness Project Book. I started reading it back in September when we were at Disney World and haven't touched it since. 

Now onto January's Monthly To do List. I separated this months a little differently. I have health and fitness to do, dates, and other.
- I started doing Country Heat again yesterday with my new accountability group. I will complete the whole program this time with no hiccups. I also will submit my photos to get my free shit.
- Drink my Shakeology everyday, I did it everyday last year.
- Date night as a family
- Date night just Brian and I
- Mother Daughter date
- Start family binder. I really need some more organization in my life
- Read 50 Shades Dark. I want to see the next movie in the theater and it comes out Valentines Day weekend. I have to have the book finished by then
- Start reading a Personal Development book. I haven't decided which one
- Organize Basement office, again. Everything got thrown down there when we had company for Christmas Eve. I also want to start organizing the basement so the kids can play down there. 
- Take the kids somewhere fun. It sucks when it is to cold out to not be able to do anything outside. I want to take the kids at least one place fun, where they can let some of their energy out.

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