Meal Planning Monday

Happy Monday. I have a crazy week ahead of me. I work 3 nights this week, and Brian is sick, plus he has a busy schedule. The kids are at babysitters one night. It makes menu planning a little harder. I have no problem making meals a head of time and taking them to work. The problem is with Brian having time to make them on his schedule. We make it work though. 

Time for some meal photos from last week. I switched up breakfast one day and made egg tacos instead of toast. I may have burnt 2 tortilla's and made new ones but they tasted delicious. 

Brian surprised me with breakfast the other morning. He made homemade red potato hash browns.

Obviously this is uncooked (forgot to take a picture afterwards) chicken with red potatoes carrots and asparagus.

Zucchini, yellow squash, tilipia (i think) and quinoa and brown rice blend. 

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