Surprises Weekend

This past weekend Ella was at her fathers. I only had to work on Saturday and was off all day on Sunday with no plans. Brian also had nothing schedule for Sunday either. I found some motivation to get some stuff done around the house. Mainly for the kids. Since Christmas with all the new toys there just isn't enough space in Ella's room for everything. Plus Austin is just growing up way to fast. 

I borrowed Brian's wireless bluetooth headphones I got him for Christmas, turned on an audible book (I had the goal of finishing it by the end of the month and still had 3 hours left, got it done) and got to work. 

I started by cleaning, organizing, and rearranging Ella's room. I normally do a deep organizing every other weekend when she is at her fathers. It hadn't happened in probably a month with to much going on and being sick, so it is was really needed. I took out her doll house and moved her table and chairs over to the wall. I also rearranged all her "School supplies" (coloring books, learning activity books, pens, pencils, crayons, paper, markers... ) where she can reach them. So far it is working out well. Everyday she is doing a different fun activity and Austin can go in her room and I am not worried about him getting a whole bunch of little "shopkins" and he likes to color with her. 

A few weeks ago Ella decided she wanted to play in the basement. She took a bunch of her barbies and shopkins down there and set up her own area, on top of my workout area. It was cramped and messy. We have talked about redoing the basement since we have moved in and making a play room. I decided to make a temporary one. Ella can go downstairs whenever she wants, as long as she tells us and leaves the door open. She has all her barbies, shopkins, and a bunch of accessories and odd and ends. She loved it down there. 
I also set myself up another work out area in the middle of the room. 

When she came home on Sunday night she thought I threw away her doll house. I told her I had a surprise for her in the morning. When I took her downstairs she was so excited she screamed and started playing right then. Now if I could just get her to clean up down there when she is done.

Austin got one surprise. While I was at work on Saturday Brian converted his crib to a toddler bed. No he hasn't been trying to climb out of it himself. It has been an issue of me putting him in his crib since we dropped it to the lowest setting, I'm to short. He wakes up every night and comes to bed with us anyways. Decided to try this and see if he wanted to be a big boy and sleep in his own big boy bed. Nap time has been going well. The first night he slept in there for 5 hours. We just need to stop being lazy and put him back in his bed when he wakes up. 

My kids are growing up way to fast, becoming independent and their own little people. I'm not sure if I am ready for it, not like I get a choice. 

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