Friday Favorites

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!! This week has sucked. My cousin passed away from Leukemia on Wednesday. He had a very rough yo-yo road. Now he is no longer in pain and isn't suffering. Along with the dealth, and funeral unforunately there is a lot of drama too. Being the positive person I am, I brushed it all past me, and dealing with it if it presents to me. I am remembering the good times, and cherishing the future. 
Lets embrace the future with some Friday Favorites. Along with Erika, Narci, and Andrea.

If you know me, I am a huge frog lover, and have been since forever. Kermit is just so dreamy. Austin is even dreamier as Kermit. I will cry when she outgrows this outfit. He sat so cute and let me take pictures the one day.

I am on a tea kick right now. I am loving Coconut Chai black tea I got from World Market. It isn't to overpowering. 

Ella loves doing "homework" Everyday we sit and do a few pages of preschool and kindergarden books that we have found at different stores along the way.

Spending time together doing a craft and drinking out shakes. We made a fun easy Happy Easter banner to hang in the living room.

This is the greatest feeling in the world. It is a little hard to see but Austin is laying on top/next to Ella and they are watching something on the kindle together. Ella is trying to get him to take a nap. It didn't work but it is cute that she tried,

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