Easter Weekend Recap

I love relaxing holidays were we get to spend time with the family, it isn't about rushing from one house to another. This year it was my weekend to have Ella, but her fathers year to have her for Easter. That means I had her all day Saturday until Sunday morning at 10 am. With everyone's schedules it worked out we had our Easter dinner with my family on Saturday.
Saturday morning, we had a lazy fun day. Both kids slept in, so mommy slept in. We played outside, had baths... it was a good day. Brian got home from is open house and we got ready to go to my parents house. On the way there they both took a little nap. Austin had been fighting a nap all day and Ella I was very surprised she took a nap.

When we got to my parents house they both woke up. Austin however decided he wasn't done napping and didn't want to hug anyone. He crawled down off the couch and slept on the floor for another 15 minutes.

The only thing I had to bring for dinner was our traditional bunny cake and croissants. I completely forgot to make the croissants and bring them until we were almost there. Luckily they had bought rolls just in case. 
I will be to the first one to tell you I AM NOT A BAKER. I can cook like a pro and throw food together like no other. But when it comes to baking, that's not my forte. However this cake turned out delicious, even though it looks like a hot mess. It is a plain white box cake, but I added red food coloring to make it pink, per Ella's request and added little bites of strawberries. It made the cake so moist, and healthier. When I went to frost the cake, one was "moister" than the other and the frosting didn't want to spread. My mother told me later I should have put it in the freezer for a few minutes. 

As always whenever we look cute we have to take a family picture. If you have children you know how hard it is to get them smiling and looking at the camera. My father ended up taking about 20 photos, so we had some fun with it. 

Now if you are taking a picture of just her, and mommy then she poses cute. 

Brian with both his little ladies. They think it is the best thing in the world when he picks both of the up at the same time. 

After dinner we decided to go for a walk up to Lake Erie. My parents house is 5/8 of a mile from the lake. Everyone except my mom went. Both girls were on there bikes and did awesome. Ella is a pro at riding as she calls it she is a speed racer. Claudia is still working on pedaling and looking the right way, but she did amazing. I however call her the professional faller, but she never got hurt and thats all that matter.
Brian and I kept switching what girl on the bike we were running next to. My father was bonding and pushing Austin in the roller, and my sister had my mom's puppy on the leash.

In the last few years a nice boat launch was added with benches and picnic tables. It is a cute little spot to go have a picnic. 

Austin is a dare devil and wanted to keep looking over the edge, aka giving mom a heart attack,

I miss living so close that I could walk to the lake whenever I wanted. You don't realize how nice it is until you no longer have it available. I wish I would have walked there and enjoyed it a lot more when I lived there. 

Sunday morning the Easter bunny stopped by with baskets and lots of books. The bunny forgot he had bought stuff a few weeks ago and hid it. Opps, atleast it was books. Both kids got buckets that had eggs in them with a few pieces of candy, stickers, and Tsum Tsums. Ella got two surprise Easter Tsum Tsums from the Disney store, a Minnie Mouse and a Donald Duck. Both kids also got coloring books and a few books. Ella also got 2 learning books that she loves. 

For breakfast Brian made uncured turkey bacon and bunny pancakes. (I originally had different bunny pancakes in mind but forgot to buy whip cream)

After breakfast they were so excited to go outside and find there Easter eggs. Our Easter bunny left them both 10 eggs each. Ella had to find the pink and purple ones, and Austin had to find the blue and green ones. (Austin's were a lot easier to find) Our Easter bunny just puts money in the eggs. 

Austin found all of his eggs without any help.

Ella found all of her eggs, but needed a little help with the last egg. 

Even though  I was just taking Ella to her fathers house we both wore our matching dresses. They are from the Wish app and we love them. They fit true to size, are very light and airy. However they are a little see through. 

My original plans were to go to Easter Service at a co-workers church. I have to admit I have never been to a church service before but I was excited to go. Unfortunately I woke up feeling like crap. As the morning progressed I was feeling worse and worse. Instead of going to church I came back home to rest since I knew I had other plans to do for the rest of the day as well. I took a 2 hour nap and ended up feeling better. Plus I drank some Breath Easy tea, even though I wasn't congested, and I felt like that helped also.
After waking up from my nap, which Austin also took at the same time, Brian was done cutting the grass and was doing yard work. Austin and I then joined him outside and watched him do yard work. Austin was a big help with moving shovels and racks all over the yard. I did end up doing some weeding. The yard is Brian's love. I try not to step on his toes to much.

After we were done with yard work, we went to Brian's parents for dinner. By surprise more family showed up and we ended up staying and chatting for longer than we expected. It was nice seeing the family though and Austin was being good picking up sticks and running around the yard.
The photo above his Brian with one of his brothers, Brandon (left). Their outfits were unplanned, Their poses unplanned, but this is who they are. You would have thought they were twins. This does happen pretty frequently with them.

Our Easter was uneventful fun relaxing holiday. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter as well.

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