Mother Daughter Date and Beauty and the Beast Review

I have got lost from the blogging world for a little while. I am working on getting more organized again and getting back into it. This is a little bit late, but better late than never.
The weekend Beauty and the Beast came out in the theater, Aubriella and I planned our Mother Daughter date to go see it. I took off the Saturday, found a sitter for Austin and planned a fun filled day. Now I have to admit her father did take her to see the movie the day before, but she was still excited to see the movie with me. 
Our first stop on the way to the movies was to the Dollar Tree. Ella wanted candy. This momma is not rich and can't see spending $5 on a small box of candy that I can get somewhere else for $1. SHHHH keep it our little secret. We did end up buying a medium drink at the theater that cost us over $6. Ella got to pick what she wanted and decided on Orange Fanta. That was after telling her today treat day and she was allowed to drink pop. In our house you will never find pop unless someone is sick or we just had a party and have left overs. Ella didn't want any popcorn, and I didn't want to eat it all by myself so we didn't get any. 

We are lucky to have both a couple of Regal Theaters and an AMC close by. We really like taking Ella to the AMC theaters since they have the reclining sofas and lots of room for her to move around. At our AMC theater you also have to pre-purchase the tickets and pick your seats. I went on Thursday afternoon to get our seats. I had originally wanted the 1:15pm showing, but they were already sold out so we went with the 10:15am showing. 

Someone was a little impatient for the movie to start, so we played on my phone while we waited. Out of all the previews for movies she didn't see any that interest her. 

There bathroom had an awesome selfie mirror, Couldn't walk by without taking a shot and showing you my Disney Princess Purse I got while in Disney World. I took Ella to the bathroom before the movie started, then she had to go again right in the beginning, then she had to go when we left. The joys of having a little girl 

I love that the AMC theaters make it easy to find your way back to your seat. They have the row letter written in the carpet huge so you can't miss it. 

Its getting read to start.

I just love the Rose.

Time for my little review. We both loved the movie. Even 3 weeks later Ella is still talking about it and asking when it will be out so we can watch it at home. I will admit I got teary eyed towards the end. I think they did a great job casting Belle and the Beast. However I was not a fan of who they casted for Gaston. I thought he was to old looking and didn't have enough real muscle. As a huge Disney fan I know the extensive casting they do for Disney World for Gaston and I think they feel a little short in the movie.
Overall we loved the movie and can't wait for it to come out on DVD. 

After the movie I talked Ella into going out to lunch. She just wanted to go to MeMaw's and play. I told her no, it was mother daughter day we would go over there in a little bit. We ended up stopping at a local restaurant Stonehouse Grill in Westlake. We go out to eat here pretty often. They are known for having amazing pizza. My go to however is there Tomato Bisque and Grilled Cheese. I make two meals out of it. I use to never like Tomato Soup of any kind, until I had theirs. I have been in love ever since. It has so much flavor and a little kick. 

Ella decided to go with Mac and Cheese and oranges, Not surprising. I love that they have food my kids will eat. 

After lunch Ella was very persistant that she didn't want to go anywhere else. I have originally planned on going to the mall, taking her to the Disney Store. No she wanted nothing to do with it. I did convince her to want to look at fish at the Pet Store on the way to MeMaw's. This girl and her fish. 

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