Random Saturday

Some photos and randonmess over the past few weeks. I noticed I take more pictures of Austin. I need to get more photos of Ella. 

Austin loves to steal my headbands and wear them. Isn't he so adorable. 

I love the random warmer days we have gotten this March, this winter in general. We enjoyed a night out at the fire a few weeks ago.

My handsome little man mowing the house. 

I have a trouble maker on my hands who keeps me on my toes. His new thing is opening the oven and climbing in. (It wasn't on and hadn't been on. We have since locked it)

I just love when they are cute and get along, 

He just loves watching the garbage trucks.

I took Ella bowling for the first time a few weeks ago. She did really well and had a lot of run. It was bumper bowling where she threw the ball down herself. 

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