Saturday Randomness on a Sunday

It has been a crazy fun weekend. Time has completely been blown away. I meant to get all these photos posted yesterday but that didn't happen. Saturday Randomness is happening a day late. 

Ella was playing with play doh the other day. Made the ocean and the beach. On the Beach was an umbrella and a chair. I think she is hinting she wants to go to the beach. 

Two weeks ago there was the huge hype over the Unicorn drink at Starbucks. Ella saw it on my Instagram and asked if she could have one. It was  treat for her. She did like it because she enjoys sour food, I didn't think it was horrible but I only had one sip. I will take my chocolate shake any day over all that sugar. Ella barely drank half of her small before it magically disappeared. 

Last weekend we went to our local mall. There is a Disney store. If you know me that means we have to stop. Most of the time we aren't buying anything. Austin however had different plans this time around. His little eye caught Tigger and he grabbed it. It went straight for his house and he started hugging it. How is a mom to say no. He ended up hugging it that whole night and wouldn't let it go. Now a week later he could take it or leave it. 

It is looking like spring outside our hour. I bought a bench to sit on instead of the rocking chair we previously had. This I feel is safer with my wild kids. I also weeded my flower bed (the one to the left) and planted flowers in my Mickey and Minnie pots. They are spring flowers so I will have to buy more in a few weeks. 

I finally did it. I stood my ground the took the bottle away from Austin. I put them in the basement out of reach so I couldn't just easily go down there and cave and give it to him. It has been 6 days now with no bottle. He was ready and so was I. Austin's cup of choice is the take and go cups, and the Mickey Mouse sippys with the hard spout. 

I am loving the gorgeous weather we have been having. I did a couple of my workouts outside while the kids were playing. I love being able to stream my workouts from anywhere. This particular one is a Barre inspire 20 minute workout. 

Aubriella and Brian made me breakfast yesterday morning. It was eggs with veggies and cheese. She loves helping in the kitchen.

We are currently in the process of a few home projects. Today we replaced and prepped our shed to get ready to paint. To do this we had to move the wood pile that behind and next to it currently. Austin and Ella were huge helpers with carrying the wood. The wet, muddy, cold, bug infested wood didn't phase them in the least. 

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