Last week was week 2 of my new workout program and Beta test for my nutrition. I have to admit I didn't work out once last week. I was dealing with a very painful allergic reaction to a new deodorant I tried. It hurt to lift my arms, to move them, etc. I tried to work out last Monday and couldn't bear the pain. Finally the pain is gone and I am back at it. 
My nutrition was on and off. Thursday night the local school where Ella will be going had a community ice cream social with all proceeds going to the new play ground. Ella had yet to see inside of the school we decided to check it out. (which by the way she loves the school it is so cute small, quaint and not intimidating) I decided to try a strawberry shortcake bar. Not a good idea. I had horrible stomach pains the rest of the night. I even tried taking a lactose pill and it didn't help. Other than that my stomach is doing better. I started drinking Kombucha and Live Pro-biotic drinks again plus had some golden milk a couple of nights.
I stepped on the scale Monday morning and did my measurements like normal. I honestly expected to be back to where I had been before I started since I hadn't worked out and enjoyed myself for Mother's Day Brunch. To my surprise the scale stayed the same. An even bigger surprise was when I was down another inch. 
This week (week 3) I am focusing on drinking more water, especially with the temperatures being in the 80's, and getting back into working out.

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