Memorial Day Weekend Recap

This past weekend we had so much fun. It was great having a busy 3 days filled with lots of friends, family, laughter, food, and love. 

Friday night I had decided to make homemade pizza. Traditionally growing up Friday nights we ate out, picked up fast food, or ordered pizza. This was always based on going to school every day, good grades, and good behavior. I loved the tradition or having something special to look forward to. My own little family is trying to stay away from spending money and going out to eat currently. However I decided last week to give homemade pizza a try. Ella loved it and said "Mom can we have this every night" We are not going to have it every night but maybe every Friday. It is something we can do as a family, making it together. 

Saturday we spent most of the day at a local campground with my parents campers club, I grew up going camping with them all summer long and loved it. I have so many amazing memories, life long friends, extra parents and grandparents... I hope to one day soon to be able to do the same for my kids. 

This campground is one of my favorites and actually only about 30 minutes from my house. They have a fun play area for the kids. There are slides, swings, a large play ground, and these rocky spring things. It also has a fishing pond, and swimming lake, walking trails, a little store, basketball hoop, and lots of places to run free.

They all had fun playing and didn't want to leave the playground. 

One of the many things I loved about camping is the freedom to run around and having less of a worry. For the most part campgrounds have always felt safe, people were always watching us, and there were lots of other kids to play with. The girls enjoyed going for a walk and being able to run ahead and not be right next to us. It helped for them to get rid of some energy and they all slept wonderfully that night. 

Austin's favorite thing to do was play in the rocks and jump in puddles, which there were a lot of. He had a blast, ended up soaked, stepped in a puddle that was higher than his knees. You only live once and boys need to be boys. A little mud never hurt anyone.

For dinner we were invited to a pot luck garbage can turkey put on by the campers club. It was so delicious. I went there knowing you have no idea what other people are going to bringing so I had to be prepared. Dinner was planned for 5pm, around 4pm I had my shake to fill me up some and would mentally help me make better choices. I had a bunch of veggies and turkey. I had one piece of cake, which so happened to be cheesecake that my mom made. I regretted it later, it gave me horrible stomach pains but tasted so good. 

Sunday morning we had family pictures. I can't wait to see how they turned out.

After pictures, we let the kids play at pirate ship themed playground. Then we got them a treat of donuts and went to another park to eat them. After eating we walked over to a beach. This was Austin's first time playing in a beach/water. He loved it and didn't want to leave. I can't wait to take him to the real beach this summer.

Ella wanted to go swimming. It was a little to cold for that and not in our plans for the day.

That evening we had a BBQ at my in-laws house. It ended up raining right when it was time for dinner. Austin loved running out and playing in the rain.

On Memorial Day Brian lowered our flag to half-staff to remembers all of those who have served and died to protect our Country. We have a 20 ft flag pole in our yard, standing higher than our house. 

Later that day we had a cookout at my parents house with some friends. It was a fun play date for the kids, with more mud to play in. We had burgers, (I had mine without cheese, and with lettuce as my bun), fruit salad, and pasta salad. 

Overall it was such a fun memorable weekend. I have to say it was so nice not missing anything because I had to work. It was the best feeling to be there with my kids to enjoy everything. 

Hope you had a safe, fun holiday weekend.

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