Mother's Day Recap

I can honestly say I had the best Mother's Day ever. It was relaxed, busy, drama free, loving, sweet, ... really an wonderful day. Brian and I had both decided to have everyone over at our house, instead of running around and doing the hustle bustle. This was the best decision ever, We got to see both our families and they got to see each other also, which normally only happens at birthday parties.
Saturday afternoon Brian took the kids to go buy my mothers day girls, and I got to go shopping by myself for the rest of the items I needed for our brunch. Sometimes just that 30 minutes of alone time is the best. 

When they came home Austin carried in my new bouquet of flowers for my table. (that was after her tried to eat them). I tried to get out of Ella what they bought me and she told me no. Then 10 minutes later she came back and said "Mom we got you a cup you asked for but I can't tell you anything else" It was so sweet. She really is my daughter, I use to suck at keeping secrets.

On Mother's Day morning both kids walked into the kitchen, where I was baking for brunch, and brought me my presents. I got a coffee mug that Ella picked out that says "Home is where Mom is", Minnie Mouse earrings, and a Mickey Mouse necklace that says "my heart belongs to you". i love it all. Incase you didn't know I have a Disney obsession especially Mickey and Minnie.

My mother in law surprised me when she came over and brought me two bouquets of flowers, one mixed and roses. The mixed ones I put in the same vase that the kids got my the night before and the roses I put in there own vase. I love having fresh flowers on the dining room table. It really makes my house feel like a home and I love the smell.

My mother surprised me with a lilac bush that I need to plant. I mentioned a few weeks ago I wanted one and ta-da I got one.

Don't we look so pretty. It's not everyday we dress up but we all felt like it surprisingly. 

I actually got my kids to sit with me for 30 seconds to take a half way good picture. 

My mommy and me. We don't have many pictures of just the two of us together

Couldn't leave out the love for my dad also.

Now time for the food. I have to let you know I am not a baker. I try to be at times and normally fail. This was a half way good attempt at Lemon Blueberry Scones. They tasted really good, but weren't hard like I think of when I think of a scone, and they weren't shaped like a scone at all. But all the matters is everyone liked them.

These were a hit, Nutella, Banana Crescent Rolls. I made them for the kids, but everyone enjoyed them. I will have to make these again, recipe coming soon.

Cute little mini pancakes. We had 3 flavors, banana, chocolate chip, and blueberry. The chocolate was liked the most. 

The main dish was Sausage Hash Casserole. Recipe will be posted later this week.

It isn't brunch if you don't have Mimosa's. We also had Punch also with no alcohol. Plus coffee.
We also had a mixed fruit bowl, and my mom brought Banana bread and a Raspberry bread, both of which were delicious. 
After brunch the kids played outside. My family had planned on going to the cemetery to put flowers at my mothers parents grave. Which just so happens to be 5 minutes from my house. Ella had asked the other day if we could place flowers on a grave after we drove past a cemetery on the way to school. It was a great lesson for both girls to learn and see where you go when you die and go to heaven. 

I ended my day relaxing while Brian planted some flowers and did some weeding. I enjoyed a Pina Colada that you place in the freezer and enjoy. 
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and time with there family. 

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