Crossing A Bridge

It's official. I have a Kindergartner!!!!! I don't know who is more excited for full day kindergarten next year her or me. We all say it, "they grow up way to fast" but really they do. You blink you eyes and they are doing something new, growing before our own eyes, learning every day, and getting older and sometimes wiser. 
Ella had her last day of Pre-K on May 24 and graduation on May 25. I love how her school did a special program and bridging ceremony with songs, caps, and diploma's. I have to admit I got a little teary eyed. 

Ella went to a small private school for Preschool and Pre-K. We loved it there. It was very active and a different sense of learning then just sitting and being taught. They learned through play, but also had lots of free time and obstacle courses to help get rid of bottled up energy. 
Her class this year was small, there was only 14 kids and 2 teachers.  During her graduation, all the kids walked out in and stood in line. The teachers introduced each kid, then they sand a bunch of cute, animated little songs. After there performance they had a bridging ceremony. Each kid was introduced again, said what they wanted to be when they grew up, walked over a bridge and were hanged a diploma. It was very cute. Ella wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up. 

Afterwards we had the opporunity to take pictures on the bridge and throughout the class room. Ella received a bouquet of flowers from her Ma-G (her fathers mothers) and another one from her father. Ella was so excited to receive flowers and happy they were able to make it to see her graduate. Also there was Brian, my mom, my niece Claudia, and myself. 

Ella made one best friend who she can't stop talking about. She wants to play with her everyday, and move in with her. I hope they are lifelong friends. 

She may have not physically grown much but she is a brand new kid. From her counting to 100 by herself, knowing all the alphabet, better listening skills, her patience, her manners and so much more. (I have no idea why that is from her last day of Preschool and last day of Pre-K, I lost a photo somewhere) 

As our treat for Ella for graduating we let her pick where she wanted to go to dinner. She picked her favorite restaurant, BJ's Brewhouse. She also dressed herself. She has on pants and a shirt, a Minnie Mouse shirt, with her zebra coat, dress shoes, and topped it off with her Minnie Mouse ears. 

We still have many more years of school, and she will forever be growing up in front of our own eyes, making memories and sharing love along the way.

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