Make The Best of What You Got

Things don't always go as planned, but you have to make the best of what you get handed to you. If life was perfect and always went as planned, our lives would be boring. 

Another Monday, another win at starting my week off strong. Got my workout in while Austin napped on the couch and Ella was in preschool. 

Tuesday was rest day, Wednesday I was back at it. Again while Austin napped and Ella was at school. This was her last day of preschool so now I have to find a new schedule for my workouts. I am noticing differences little by little.
- I can do more push-ups
- I can lift heavier
- I take fewer breaks
- I push myself more
- I see results
- My clothes are getting looser
- I have more energy
- I am gaining confidence again
- I am learning a lot about myself

Last Thursday I was up before the kids again and got my workout done early. There is less of a struggle and stress when I just get up and get it done. But like everyone else, I am not perfect, I turn off the alarm, I hit snooze, and I don't always do it. 

I did a workout Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I wasn't going to let a busy holiday weekend throw me off track. On Saturday alone I did over 23,000 steps.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday I had a some cheat meal but tried to stay on track as much as possible. Working towards my goals. I am down another 3 lbs and I wore jean shorts that I couldn't fit in a month ago.

Now lets make June a strong month and keep pushing towards my goals, enjoying being home with my kids, and getting more energy.

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