Friday Favorites- 4th of July Fun

Happy Friday, Friends! Today is a dark dreary, raining, storming morning so far. The past week has been beautiful. Fun play date planned for today, guess all the kids will be in my house. This weekend is somewhat relaxing with lots of cleaning and preparing for Austin's birthday party next weekend. 
Being Friday I am joining in on the fun of Friday Favorites with ErikaNarci, and Andrea. This week I am doing some 4th of July Fun!!!!

On Sunday our city, North Olmsted did a little "Boom 2017" celebration. There was food trucks, games for kids (large connect four, corn hole, and a large jenga), face painting, balloon artists, DJ, street performers, and more. 

Our first stop was the food trucks. We decided on The Green Machine. Brian got the Ultimate BLT on a Pita, Austin got a cheese Quesadilla (that he didn't eat), and I got Hawaiian Pork Tacos. We also got fries to share. (Austin did eat fries, but also had dinner early in the evening at home.)

I have to say these Hawaiian pork tacos were amazing. They were so moist and filling. I also added pico and guac that came with Austin's quesadilla. 

After eating we walked around to see what else was going on. We only had Austin and he doesn't have patience to sit around and wait for anything so we went home to rest for a little bit before coming back out to watch fireworks. 

I like to park far enough away that we aren't stuck in traffic for hours leaving after the fireworks. This was Austin's first time really seeing fireworks and we didn't know how he would react. We parked in a strip mall, backed into a spot and sat in the back of our SUV to watch the fireworks. 

Austin did good for the first 10 minutes then got bored. Our cities fireworks are slow but still lasted 25 minutes. After that I kept him entertained with looking at pictures in my phone, instead of him climbing all over the car.

On Monday Ella and I went grocery shopping. After going through the Target ad, she decided that she wanted to make Red, White, and Blue rice crispy treats. We made them and took some with us to watch fireworks on Tuesday. 

The morning of the 4th we had a surprise for the kids. Ella thought we were going to watch a parade all dressed up in Red White and Blue. 

Ella started to question it once she saw that dad was dressed in his work uniform to be a Police Officer.

To there surprise we were in the parade riding in dad's Police car in Lakewood. They have a huge 4th of July celebration. The parade goes for about a mile and lasted an hour and a half from start to finish. We were in the front of the parade so we were done in less than a half an hour. We then got to watch the rest of the parade. It was an amazing experience seeing so many people show up for the parade, but still having a small town feel. 

Ella sat in the front seat, but didn't wave to much. Austin was in the backseat with me. He stood and waved for a few minutes, but eventually got bored. 

For a few minutes he threw himself on the floor throwing a temper tantrum, oh wonderful Terrible Twos. He eventually ended up finishing up the parade sitting in the seat, put the seat belt on himself and playing with my phone. (yes the kids were not in car seats in the parade. The kids were only in the police car in the parade going less than 5 miles an hour. we discussed why they wear seatbelts and this would be the only time ever that they didn't have to be in a carseat)

Later that evening we went back to Lakewood to watch their fireworks. Brian had to be up there to work by 530 so we tagged along. They had a bang playing music, plus some tents set up with food. We sat in the grass playing card games, talking, and watching Ella dance while we waited for dark. My girlfriend, Misty tagged along with us for the fun. 

Ella got her much requested picture with Brian in uniform. He is not a big fan of pictures and they have so many rules of pictures and social media usage. 

Lakewood has the best fireworks show around. It lasted 25 minutes, you thought it was the finale 6 times, there were always at least 2-10 fireworks in the sky at any second. They really are amazing. I have seen a lot of different cities fireworks and they are by far the best. 

Hope everyone had a fun and safe July 4th weekend. 

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