Show and Tell Tuesday- Whats On Your Phone

Its Show and Tell Tuesday- Whats On Your Phone Andrea over at Momfessionals.

As a stay at home mom and a work at home mom, I feel like there are days I am on my phone a lot working and days where I don't even touch my phone (but some little man has it and is watching garbage truck videos on youtube)
I have an Iphone 6 with 64GB of memory. Only half of it is full, mostly with photos and videos. I am afraid to delete them that I will lose them. I have to eventually get them printed and save them somewhere safe. I have a lot of apps on my phone that I barely ever use, but keep for that random time, like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Wish, Twitter.

This is my home screen. I have my most used apps and folders easy to access on this screen. (Yes I have follow-up emails to reply to for my next virtual fitness group). Every day I listen to at least one Podcast. Pinterest is a horrible addiction, but I get lots of ideas and recipes off it. Sometimes I read from my phone instead of my kindle. Brian and I share our schedules on Google Calendar. I may not Snap much anymore but I do stalk. I love doing challenges on my Fitbit app. 

These are all the apps I use for editing videos and photos. Most often I use PicPlayPost and Rhonna. 

This folder is my Beachbody, work at home and health and fitness apps. The 21 Day Fix is where I track my color coded containers I eat. My Challenge Tracker app and Facebook Groups I use the most often, I host virtual fitness groups with them. Spark people I sometimes track what I eat by calories. BOD is where I can stream my workouts from anywhere. 

Photobucket, I sometimes add my photos there then onto my blog. Other times I just upload them in the blogger app. Bloglovin I catch up on some of my favorite blogs. 

I have a few apps on my phone for the kids. Austin's favorite right now is Youtube and watching garbage trucks. Ella loves the shopkins game.

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