5 Months Left

I can't believe that it is already August. I was talking with a girlfriend today and she mentioned there is only 5 months left in 2017. OMG. Plus some kids are already starting school. (My daughter doesn't start until August 28) This year has completely flown by. Before you know it, it will be Christmas. I have to admit that I have already started Christmas shopping. Target had toys on clearance and I grabbed a few for my kids.

Lets take a step back and see what my goals where for the new year and what I have accomplished, started, or kicked to the curb.

Health and Fitness:
- get down to 120
- back into the habit of getting up early and working out before anyone wakes up(miracle morning)
- hit 10,000 steps everyday
- Drink at least 60 oz of water a day

I am failing at all of this. I have yo-yo back and forth. I do good for a while then I jump off the deep end. So far this week I have worked out both days, eating on track, got my steps in, and drinking my water. 

Beachbody coaching:
- help atleast 3 people a month
- grow my business to Diamond by March 1st

Fail again

- post 3-5x a week
- join 1 blog hop a week
- make some new blogging friends

- get 100 followers by June

For the most part I am doing good at keeping up with my blog, which I love. However I am not doing well with getting followers.

Travel Agency
- Post more on like page
- read my e-mails not just delete them
- finish the Disney certified agent training
- book one vacation a month for clients

I am actual no longer in the travel industry. It turned out not to be what I expected and the owner decided to make quotas that I wasn't meeting, I wanted to do it on the side not as an actual job

- do 1 craft a week
- spend more time playing
- spend more time outside
- cook something with Ella 1x a week
- get back into routine of reading a bedtime story at night

Minus doing crafts I am doing good on this. Ella and I are in the kitchen together a lot, since becoming a stay at home mom we play all the time.

Date Nights
- 1 date night a month with Brian (NO PHONES)
- 1 date night a month with the family (NO PHONES)
- 1 mother/daughter day a month
Brian and I am doing horrible on date nights for ourselves. In the past 7 months we have had 3. I at least have one mother/daughter date a month, and we always do stuff as a family.

Nightly Routines
- Read Ella a bedtime story
- wash and mositurize face
- take out contacts

- Read something I want to read for 10 minutes
I have really gotten back into reading. I read to Ella and Austin every day, I read for myself, plus started a book club with my girlfriends, and I read some personal development everyday. Keeping up on my own routine not going so well.

I have a lot of work to get doing. Most has to do with setting routines.

July Recap
Girls Book Club we opted to skip due to busy lives
Badass Book
PD Book
SS Book Club

Finish 21 Day Fix
Start Shift Shop

To Do-
Finish Clothes in Basement
Organize Office
Go Through Ella's clothes
Make Vacation Packing List
Build Swing Set


August To Do:

Girls Book Club
You Are A Badass
Fun Book

Finish Shift Shop
Start New Program

To Do-
Finish Deck
Come up w/ Ella schedule
Do craft with Ella
Finish summer reading with library
Have a movie night
Sleep in tent outside

Help 3 people
Continue helping previous challengers


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