First Day of School

Yesterday Ella had her first day of school. My little girl is growing up to fast and is a Kindergartner.

Aubriella attends North Olmsted school district. Kindergarten is full day, from 9-4. It makes for a long day, but she was ready to start.

Her school is also in our neighborhood so we plan on walking to and from school as much as possible, weather permitting. Otherwise I will be driving to pick her up. We will actually get home quicker if we walk, compared to sitting in the pick up line and having to be there so early to get a close spot.

It was her father's weekend, which means I picked her up at 730am. We went home had a delicious big breakfast to start off her first day. Funfetti pancakes, sausage, fruit, and juice. Surprisingly Ella ate most of her breakfast. She also has requested scrambled eggs with cheese and a sausage patty today for breakfast.

While eating breakfast we filled out her first day of school interview and read "The Night Before Kindergarten.: I found this cute printout interview on Pinterest (but forgot to save the pin to share).

She got dressed in her first day of school outfit she picked out and we took pictures. Her dress is from Target. She saw it at the store and had her mind set on buying it, but they did't have her size. We looked at 4 other Targets but finally ended up ordering it online.

Then started our 15 minute walk. Her father and father's girlfriend also came with us to walk to her first day of school. (notice how she doesn't have her bookbag, it was to heavy so I had to carry it) We got there early so we could really see how her mornings are going to be organized and make sure we were on time.

Ella had already meet her teacher last Thursday when she had her Kindergarten assessment, but I forgot to take pictures. She said she was only "A little nervous". When she was in preschool 3 days a week for a few hours a day we had on problems. Yesterday for her first day she said she cried 4x and was crying when she walked out of school. She didn't really give me a reason to why she wasn't crying either. Hopefully today will be better.

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