Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends. This week has been crazy busy. Back to school shopping, fun family time, cheerleading practice, and trying to figure our a routine for myself and the kids. 

For now lets talk about some favorites from the past week or so. I am joining ErikaNarci, and Andrea for some Friday Favorites. 

Austin has an obsession with Garbage Trucks. It is his real first word for an item that he repeats and knows what it is and will bring it to you... Now any truck is considered a garbage truck to him also when he is talking. But it is so cute. 

He was so proud of himself, he did it all by himself then layed down on it. Ella showed him how to do this.

Fun play day being a mermaid

Austin insisted on riding his CAT truck on the couch cushions. He needed help getting it up there then would drive it down. 

Like father like son, using the end table as a person table to eat breakfast. How do you tell him no when he saw dad do it the day before. 

You can take the girl out of the salon but never the hairdresser out of the girl. Cut my girlfriends three kids hair, using a kids chair with my kneeling on the floor. 

My princess is a goober.

Ella started cheerleading practice this week. She is the one that talked her father into signed her up and now she isn't so sure about it. She didn't realize there would be practice multiple times a week and it has been over whelming with so many girls. Next week starts smaller group practice.  

I made fish tacos for the first time the other night. OMG they turned out so good. I will be sharing the recipe next week. Even the kids ate it, minus the taco part just the tilipia and sides. 

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