Michigan Day 4

Day 4 we planned and went to Mackinac Island. I remember as a kid loving going up there where cars were not allowed, everyone traveled by foot, bike or horse drawn carriage. This time was no different. (minus we did see an Ambulance) 
We got our discount tickets from our hotel, ate breakfast, then walked to catch the next Ferry boat. 

Ella was not happy she didn't get to sit by her Memaw. We were one of the last few people on the boat so there wasn't seats left, especially to put 8 of us right next to each other. (lets not look at how old I look here, and the wrinkles around my eyes omg) 

Austin was a happy camper as long as his daddy was holding him, and he wasn't letting go of his dad. 

The ride to the island a good 40 minutes, which made for a quick nap time for Austin. The Ferry we took also went under the Mackinaw Bridge for a little sight-seeing, but since we were squeezed in the middle of the boat, on the bottom deck we didn't really get to see it to well. (I was fine with that, Brian would have enjoyed seeing it better).

Once we were off the boat we found a cut little photo opp spot to take a family photo. The kids may not be looking at the camera, but they were looking at all the people and so many large horses. (No it wasn't planned that Brian, Austin and I all wear blue.) 

We started off by walking the main shopping strip, and past some beautiful homes. Once we got away from so many people, we found a seat and discussed our plans for the day. By this time my sister had already gotten my niece a stroller to ride in since she still wasn't feel well. This became an issue because Ella wanted a stroller too. I put my foot down and didn't get her a stroller. She is a big girl and can walk. Which she did with no problem, minus her whining. 

The main attraction on Mackinac Island is Fort Mackinac. We decided to do this first. The main entrance has a huge ramp you go up with stairs up at the top. There are Boy Scouts and/or Girl Scouts there to help you with the stairs if needed. The ramp really is a killer. I am so proud of my family for making it up. Brian pushed Austin, Sarah walked with Ella, my father helped my mother, and I pushed Claudia. It is so worth the views you get once you get up to the top. I have to admit some of my family started with "I don't know if I can make it". I kicked that to the curb and told them if they think it then surely your not going to make it. You have to over think you mind and just do it. And they did.

Oh yeah and the history of seeing what a fort use to look like back in the day are great too, but the views are breathtaking. 
Austin enjoyed just running around and being free, not always by our choice. Ella enjoyed going in each little building, but was done after a little while and just wanted to go shopping, and back to the hotel to go swimming. 

After leaving the fort we found a little mom and pop restaurant off the main strip to have lunch at. They were great with sitting all 8 of us together and not having an issue leaving my sleeping Prince Charming in the stroller, plus there was no wait. I wish I remembered the name of the place because the food was also amazing. I got a chicken salad wrap. 

After lunch we walked down to the opposite side of the shopping strip to more beautiful houses and a small little beach area, with lots of duck poop. 

Before leaving Ella asked to get a Henna tattoo. She decided on music notes. 

If you ask her she will say it hurt, but we all know that isn't true. She felt cool and had to show everyone her tattoo for the week it lasted. 

We finished our souvenir shopping and headed back to the main land right around 5. This time we were one of the first ones in line and on the boat so we got to pick where we wanted to sit. Ella choose the 2nd deck, which was open air. 

Before the boat started moving we let Austin look over the edge (with us holding him very tightly). Once the boat started moving he was content with the wind blowing in his hair. 

Ella on the other hand, was excited to sit with her Memaw and Papaw. She also suckered her Memaw to give her the phone to play some penguin game. It isn't really even a game, he repeats what you say, you rub his belly and he makes a noise and you can knock him down. All 3 kids love this penguin though. 

Here is my dad! 

Brian and I really enjoyed ourselves on the island. We are planning a few nights away just the two of us to go stay on the island, either a hotel or bed and breakfast and explore the whole island by bike. 

We finished out the evening just the 4 of us, getting the last of our shopping done and had pizza for dinner, Ella's choice. 

I'll be sharing the details of what we did the rest of the trip as well as where we stayed in a few upcoming posts.  If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments! Check out Day 1 of our trip here and Day 2 and 3 here

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