Michigan Day 5 and 6

Our vacation is coming to an end soon. On Day 5, Friday, we checked out of our hotel in Mackinaw City to head to another destination. But first look at these two precious adorable kids. I could only wish they always got along and wanted to cuddle. We all shared a king size bed, after dad and mom got out these two hugged each other. They are so sweet. ( I really want to frame this picture and every time they argue remind them they do love each other.)

We had breakfast, packed up the car, checked the hotel room 5 million times to make sure we didn't forget anything and that the kids didn't hid anything, then we hit the road. While driving Ella asked if we could stop and buy Combos, the ultimate road trip food. We agreed to get off at one of the next exits, I also wanted coffee. We had originally tried to go to a Tim Horton, (we don't have any near us) but the line was wrapped around the building, there were no parking spots, and you could barely get in there parking lot. We opted for Biggby's. OMG I got an Iced Mocha latte with coconut milk. I have to admit it was the best latte I have ever had and I worked at a coffee shop for 5 years. I wish there was one within 2 hours of us, (it is actually probably farther than that) but on the other hand I would be broke from it too. 

This is the little girl in the backseat, "I am not tired I am going to stay awake the whole drive". Next thing you know she is snoring away. We opted to keep her in the harnessed car seat inside of converting it into a belted booster seat so she could fall asleep and be comfortable, and I wouldn't be flipped out about her head position. 
We drove to Brighton Michigan for the night. We had planned a little family cookout get together with some of our extended family that lives here. After checking into the hotel, we went to found a quick bite to eat. None of us had eaten lunch yet and didn't want to show up at the families house starving, plus not knowing what we were having for the cookout. 

Once we got to my cousins house. Austin made himself at home. He found a chair that became his. He also ran around like crazy, exploring all the stairs and beautiful landscaped yard. 

The girls found some toys to play with to keep them occupied for a little bit. That is until they warmed up to the other kids that were there. At times they are shy and someone else's toys are always exciting.

We played ladder ball for the first time and I won. (This maybe a game we invest in) We also played badminton with the kids. Austin found a big ball to play with and they got him out a yellow and red pedal car to drive around in.

Austin also wanted to play ladder wall, aka stand in the way and steal the balls. Most of the family sat around and caught up on the years passed.

One of the reasons we decided to have a cookout with my cousin's family is because they also have a little girl named Ella, who is 9. When Aubriella heard she had a cousin named Ella she just had to meet her. She wouldn't stop talking about her. Of all the pictures we took, we forgot to get a picture of both Ella's together. 

While in Brighton we stayed at a gorgeous Courtyard by the Marriott. It was a newer business hotel with amazing wifi, space to work, lots of space, netflix on the tv... I wish this is where we had stayed the whole week. 

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then decided to do some sight seeing and drive home. We stopped by Michigan State, Ohio States enemy in college football. Ella did this picture all on her own, showing her tattoo and doing a thumbs down. She made her fathers proud. 

Since we were there we had to get a family picture. 

When no one else was around we took our O H I photo- minus the O since I was taking the picture. 

We had originally planned on stopping and doing something fun on the way home but ended up not doing anything. We all were really just ready to come home after 6 days away. It turned out to be a good thing. We ended up getting a leak in our tire about an hour from home. My car sensor sensed but said it was the wrong tire. We kept checking and nothing. When we got home we checked all out tires and figured it was a different one then the sensor said. I am so thankful that the tire just leaked and didn't blow. I am thankful we made it home safe and sound. Once home Brian was able to put the spare on it and we ended up buying 4 brand new tires the next day. 

I'll be sharing the details of what we did the rest of the trip as well as where we stayed in a few upcoming posts.  If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments! Check out Day 1 of our trip here and Day 2 and 3 here and Day 4 HERE

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