Prayers and Weekend Wrap-up

I have to start off today with some prayers. We remember 16 years ago like yesterday. A vivid memory. To everyone who lost loved ones, to the first responders, to America... everyone has been touched and looks at things different in the world. This day will never be forgotten.


Also praying for everyone in Florida. Glad that Irma turned out not be as bad as anticipated. I can't imagine the stress of having to evacuate, not knowing where to go, when to leave, and when come home. I would love to move to Florida one day, but I have a horrible fear of storms.

Happy Monday!!! A new week, a fresh start, and a time to get back to a routine. That sounds great, but I failed today. My warm bed and a snuggly prince over power the plan to get up and workout early. Tomorrow is a fresh day with no more excuses. I NEED to get back into my routine for myself, and my family. For now lets recap the weekend.

Friday night we ended up checking out a place to possible hold Ella's birthday party, doing some birthday present shopping, and going to Target. It was getting to Austin's bedtime and he wanted nothing to do with being in the cart, being held, or keeping his shoes on. Instead he decided to run around the store carrying a bag of goldfish crackers barefoot. He also left the store kicking and screaming. I have to admit I am that mom, I hope I'm not the only one. Austin is in a stage where he only does good shopping if Ella is with us and they have the side by side carts. Anyone deal with the same thing? Any tips?

Saturday morning started our every Saturday 10am cheer games. Ella is learning the cheers better, making friends, and having fun. (finally) 

Sunday is my rest for working and getting organized for the week. Austin decided after going grocery shopping (and not behaving) he wanted to play outside. I couldn't complain since it was gorgeous out. I took my work outside. 

Sunday afternoon we went to my parents house to celebrate my dad's birthday. My mom and I went to get his cake and made a pit stop on the way home at the lake. 

I got this dress last week and decided it was perfect weather to wear it. That was without thinking of the wind at the lake. Day 2 complete for 10 days of dresstember.

My father wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, who doesn't love ice cream cake. (even if I suffer from eating it later) We found a cute one with a beer mug on it. 

It was a great evening spending time with my parents and celebrating my dad's birthday.

Hope everyone had a fabulous and safe weekend. 

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