10 Days of Dresstember

Since becoming a stay at home mom, I have become lazy with my look. My daily attire consists of yoga pants and a workout tank top. Even make-up doesn't happen most days. I use to be that girl that wouldn't walk out of the house with at least eyeliner on. When I read that Stephanie was hosting Dresstember Clothing Challenge, 10 days of dresses, maxis, or skirts, 10 chances to wear your wardrobe in the month of September I just knew I just had to join in. 

The goal for the month was 10, I only wore 9. Instead of dwelling on not completeing the challenge, I am proud of myself. I dressed up and put on make-up for 9 days. That is more dressing up than I have done in the last 6 months. My struggle was that I don't get out of the house everyday. It is not me to walk to/from school with Ella or go grocery shopping in a dress. 
I went through my closet,drawers, and containers of clothes in the basement and found dresses and skirts that I had. One that I had never worn, some that I hadn't worn in years, and a few I wear more often than others. I have to say this Ohio weather of being 90 degrees one day, and 60 the next made it a challenge of what to wear. Some of my dresses were to hot to wear in this summer weather, even though it is fall.
Here they are:

Day 1- pink layered dress. I have had it for a few years. Wore it to a meeting for new Daisy Girl Scout leaders. 

Day 2- Bought this dress recently from Old Navy. I love the cut out shoulders. Wore it to my parents house for my father's birthday. Made a stop at the lake on the way home from getting ice cream cake. 

Day 3- This dress is from Wish. I have worn and washed it a few times. It is still holding up. The white strip is a little see-through though. Ella and I both have matching dresses. This day I wore it to my parents for my mother's birthday.

Day 4- This is another Old Navy find. I bought it back in April or May for family pictures. Ella again has a matching one. This dress is so comfortable and light to wear. I wore this to Ella's school to be Milk Mom. It was a 90 degree day in a school with no air conditioning. 

Day 5- The last time I wore this dress was to Aubriella's baby shower (she is 6 now). It stretched nicely for my big belly then, but now lays just right for my non-pregnant body. This was worn to a PTA meeting at Ella's school, another hot day with no air conditioning. 

Day 6- I bought this dress for my 27th birthday. I think I actually only wore it that one time also. I love that it can be paired with heels or boots. I wore it out to a Clam Bake dinner at a fancy restaurant. 

Day 7- Official date night. This dress I bought on vacation a few years ago at Virginia Beach.It is a very boobilicous dress. I added a white halter top underneath to make it more conservative. I'm not as young and daring as I use to be. 

Day 8- Told you I really like this dress. Wore it again to a family dinner. (my family has seen this dress a few times this year.)

Day 9- This jean skirt I bought as a "one day I will fit in". I pulled it out of the clothes storage container in the basement with the tag still on it. Tried it on and it fit with room to spare. I dont remember what I wore it for, but I wore it to my parents house for something. 

I have to admit I really enjoyed doing this challenge and dressing up. You forget how much confidence you lose from wearing yoga pants and being lazy all day. Just putting on a pretty dress and doing a little make-up has helped me gain a lot of my confidence back. I am hoping to continue dressing more, doing my make-up, and being confident in the skin I am in. 

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