Friday Favorites

Hey friends. Happy Friday!!! Fall is finally in full swing in Cleveland. We are having colder morning and warm days. The perfect weather. Unfortunately also means we have a sick toddler, but only in the middle of the night and when he wakes up he has coughing fits. Besides that he is full of piss and vinegar, but I just seem to be exhausted from being up half the night with him, it is like having a newborn again. 
Now onto the fun stuff of Friday...

I am joining in with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for some random Friday Favorites of the week.

My sweet Prince Charming. Stole my spot, pillow, and blanket. Then laid down and put himself to sleep. 

Introducing my 6 yr old teenager. Was dressed hair done looking cute for school. We are about to walk out the door, "I don't like this, it isn't cute." She changed her shirt and undid her hair. 

Ella asked for a braid. I'm surprised how good it turned out (today's braid was a hot mess but she liked it). I will be a pro one day, maybe. By the time she got home from school it had mostly fallen out.

Austin went in Ella's room and stole one of her baby dolls. He changed her diaper and carried her around nicely. 

"Mom, we are bringing back the 80's".

The best walk ever to get Ella from school consisted on being next to this stinky garbage truck the whole way there. Austin was in heaven watching it dump every can. Then got made when we had to turn.

Last night my girlfriend Misty and I went out to a fun little Ladies Night Out, met a fellow mommy blogger Karen from Karen at Home that I have followed for at least 6 years. Ended the night with window shopping and much needed girl talk.

We have a jammed packed busy full of surprises weekend. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. 

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