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Happy Friday. The weekend is almost here and I have no plans. I actually may get to relax. It is supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend in Cleveland so I see lots of hot tea, Hallmark CHRISTMAS movies and cuddles. 

Today I am joining in with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites just some randomness of the week.

My little girl is being Miss Independent. She insisted on making her own lunch (we take the lunch-able out of the container and put it in her lunch box with the cheese and sauce in separate containers) 

Mr Prince Charming has been fighting a cold for the past few weeks. This past week I got the most cuddles and crawl up on mom and sleep that I have gotten in months.

Daisy Girl Scouts started this week for our troop. The girls had a lot of fun and earned their first badge, the middle of the flower. As the leader I get to see all the excitement, help plan, and share this journey with all of them.

She may turn into a Zebra. Now imagine her with a Zebra backpack too. I called her my zebra poof. 

Can you feel her excitement. You would think I told her some great news or gave her a new gift. 

Nope! Just the Target Toy Book. She sat down and went through all the catalog and marked off EVERYTHING she wanted. Didn't matter if she was to young or old for it. She wanted it. She is just like me when I was her age. 

Trying a new organizational system and going back to a paper and (pretty) pen calendar system. Between school, Girl Scouts, PTA, appointments, Brian's work... we have a lot going on. I plan to always have my calendar on me and still keep our 1 kitchen calendar. It was being a lot with 5 different calendars for different things. Now trying everything in one place. 

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  1. I love the joy at the new toy book. I think I always circled just about everything they showed. :)


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