Fake Snow, Real Snow, Date Night, and More

It has been a crazy last few days. I have been under the weather on and off for the past week. It will come out of no where knock me down for a few hours than I am good to go again. It is very weird. Today I have been playing catch up, folded 6 loads of laundry that were done on Friday, organized for my week, did dishes, emptied everyone's overnight bags, and playing catch up here on my blog too. Even with being sick I still managed to have fun with my family this past weekend. We were on the go a lot. Be ready for the picture overload. 

Friday night we went and ate at Pizza Hut. I know when was the last time you heard of someone eating at Pizza Hut. Ella had gotten a free personal pan pizza from Book It! and it had to be used before the end of the night. She ate the whole pizza, minus the crust. It actually was really nice to eat a fresh hot pizza. 

After dinner we went wondering around one of the local malls. We saw Santa, (didn't get pictures) and Ella told him she wanted a lot of LOL dolls for Christmas. He asked her if she has been good this year. Her response, "I'm very good at school" Santa laughed and said "But you have to be good at home too" 

Santa is located in the middle of the mall in a Winter Wonderland. To visit him you walk through a snow globe that drops fake snow on you. There is also a bunch of Polar Bear videos playing to give you something to watch while waiting in line. 

There is also a bunch of fake trees with fake snow. The kids both loved playing in it. 

Could they be any cuter sharing and playing in the snow?

Saturday my dad agreed to watch both kids while my mom and I went to the IX Center Christmas Connection. They also agreed to watch them over night so Brian and I could go on a date night. My little Mickey Mouse with his luggage going to stay at MeMaws and PaPaws is so adorable. 

My mother and I spent part of the day doing a little Christmas shopping at the Christmas Connection. I could have gone nuts with all the decorations I would have loved to have. 

Saturday night Brian and I attended a fundraiser for Mutley Crew Dancing with the Stars. It was a fun night out with family, without kids, and stayed at a hotel. (which turned out to be a good thing the rain sucked that night to drive in)

We actually went to support Brian's niece and her husband. They ended up winning the Mirror Ball. They really deserved to win too. 

Sunday was a very rough day. I ended up getting horribly sick. Made for a very long day. I woke up from a much needed long nap to the first snow of the season. Austin enjoyed looking out at the snow with me. 

By the end of the night we had a light coating to make everything outside look magical.

Hope you had a fun weekend also. I am linking up with some great gals for Hello Monday!

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