Gratitude Challenge - week 2

We are 12 days into the gratitude challenge. I am noticing a difference in myself with my mood, my attitude, and my positivity. I had a girlfriend tell me this past week that I am too positive. (she's a debbie downer) I told her she just needs to cheer up. 

Day 6- Without these two, my life would be so different. I wouldn't be a mom, I wouldn't have the pleasure of being home with them everyday. They make me happy, even on bad days, they make me ME! 

Day 7- Tuesday night I was thankful for my warm bed to curl up in and relax. Having a day off school for Ella in the middle of the week, plus her a Drs. appointment, a Girl Scout meeting, and day 2 of my sugar detox with only one cup of coffee a day (no tea) has me ready for bed before 9pm.

Day 8- I am so thankful more than words can describe for my mom. She is always there for me. Plus gives me extra sanity when she agrees to watch my kids.

Day 9- My dad. Again what would I do without my dad. He keeps me in line, is a great babysitter, and gets suckered into watching my son on his day off. But Austin loves his PaPaw. (He loves his Memaw too but wont say it just to be a brat)

Day 10- Thankful that I have the freedom and opportunity to help at Ella's school. Friday I volunteered to help with COSI on Wheels science day.

Day 11- Thankful for all those who have served and currently serving in our US Military. Thank you!!! 

Day 12- Every week I get about an hour to myself. Normally I take that time to go grocery shopping without the "mom can I have this." Sometimes this little time is what keeps me from losing my mind.

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