Gratitude Challenge

I have said to myself and to others numerous times that I want to participate fully in a 30 days of gratitude or thankful challenge. I have started different challenge's way too many times to count, but never follow through for different reasons. This time I am holding myself accountable to doing a full 30 days. I joined a girlfriend on Instagram in this challenge. Everyday on Instagram and facebook you can see my daily post. Also the next 5 Sundays (counting today) I will be sharing what I am grateful for from the previous week.

When I do participate in the challenges (even when I don't finish) I notice I am in a better mood, I enjoy the little moments more, and I am more positive. (I know why don't I do this all the time).

Day 1- I am grateful for quiet productive mornings!
I fell asleep in Ella's bed Tuesday night after reading her a bedtime story. It was before 9.  Wednesday morning I was up before 5. I got a lot done before anyone else woke up. I wish I could get motivated to getting up early everyday again.

Day 2-  Wednesday had been a rough day for so many reasons. I cried, I wanted to crawl in a hole, I yelled, I worried, and I been rejected. Instead of focusing on all the negative, sometimes you just to take a step back and breath. Tomorrow is a new day.

Day 3- Thursday went a lot better than Wednesday. Even little man crawled up on me to cuddle and fall asleep. I wanted to take a nap with him but instead got a little workout in, got my blood flowing and was feeling great. Time to kick this depression/attitude/bad day to the curb. Grateful for a new day.

Day 4- Had a fun night with these ladies, missing one (Amber) and the guys also ( Brian and Jon) at our first Annual Friendsgiving!!!! It was a success, food was delicious, kids were somewhat good, with lots of laughs. I am grateful for amazing girlfriends whom I usually call my sisters.

Day 5- These 3 are my world and my everything. The unconditional love, joy, fun, and memories we make, make me the happiest mom alive. (Do you see Ella and Austin holding hands.)

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  1. This letterboard is so cute and the little pumpkins too! You look you had a great time with your family and friends :)

  2. This somewhere motivated me for having a positive view for my life :) nice one

  3. This is a great idea. We all have so much to be thankful for :)


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