North Pole Breakfast

One of my favorite holiday traditions has started back up in our house already. GusGus, our elf on the shelf arrived on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. He usually comes the day after Thanksgiving but Aubriella is with her father this weekend. We contacted Santa and asked if GusGus could come visit us early. 

Santa agreed and he is here in full swing.

His special decorations hanging from the fan are up. plus his little Christmas tree on the table. 

He brought along his daily countdown (which he doesn't know how to count very well) and his book to remind us of why he is here and of his rules. 

Don't forget his personalized letter to both kids. 

A North Pole Breakfast wouldn't be complete without food. GusGus' signature food is a banana and strawberry candy cane, powdered donuts, and hot chocolate. He became realistic this year with what Aubriella and Austin will actually eat. Brian also made pancakes.

Aubriella was so excited to see him sitting on the table. 

Austin didn't care so much about him. He only wanted to eat the donuts, oh I forgot there was also mini marshmellows. 

I can't wait to see where he decides to move to everyday. ( I have a calendar with each day planned out so specific to it Ella is home or not) Plus the excitement from the kids finding him. Check back every Saturday where I will be recapping the previous weeks adventures with GusGus. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, got some good Black Friday deals, and have a fabulous weekend. Today I am also linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites

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  1. Aw, the breakfast is a fun way to kick everything off! I really love the fruit candy cane idea. :)


    1. Thank you. I have always tried to make his arrival something the kids will remember.


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